An ACE Vacation!

As part of the “All you can Jet” vacation this month, my next trip was to trek along the left coast: Seattle to Palm Springs. Like always, I wanted a fun place to sleep, at the same time, maybe a tidbit inch of quirkiness or lets say… maybe unique in some sense.

c’mon, lets get creative here..

But in America – the mass producer of everything where the biggest meets the boring, finding a small well-designed boutique hotel, if at all that exists in cities other than the 5-6 metro cities, is a daunting task!

That’s when I stumbled upon ACE Hotels, a hip hotel chain founded by Alex Calderwood, with three hotels mapped exactly along my route.

Seattle-based hotel brand, the Ace Rooms feels like a cozy apartment owned by your coolest friend who maybe is a flutist and rides a vintage bike and as a hobby makes things. Staying in the Portland hotel was the most fitting experience as I was already overwhelmed with the city’s charm, calling Portland the embodiment of all things creative.



The Record players in Portland and Palm Springs are a thing of a beauty, blast it while you can…

“This may be the perfect year for Ace Hotels’ lo-fi, rock ‘n’ roll style, as the Oregon-based company expands to California and New York. T+L reports from Palm Springs on the reinvention of the budget hotel—here and elsewhere.” – T+L

Palm Springs, CA

There is so much character in the rooms, and so much thought put into each..(as I say after wiping my face in a black towel, with embroidery lettering that reads, “Makeup Towel”).

Best of all, the rates are so cheap, You just WIN all around!

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