5 Eclectic Lounges to try out the most unusual Cocktails

1. Bring out the boho at Lounge Bohemia, London, UK.
Snugly wedged between two stores, this unassuming exterior holds promise of a little time travel to the 1960’s with an eclectic décor to match the Eastern European taste. From the location to the cocktail menus, there’s a strong play on secrecy and discovery. For instance, the lounge houses a secretive cocktail bar and the menus slip out of vintage Czech hardbound books.

From the whimsical and the fancy to the completely unexpected, this lounge has been popular for whipping up some of the most creative mixes in avant-garde cocktails.

Ever thought of tasting champagne with a side of caviar soaked in mango-flavored vodka?  One of the must-tries is the ‘pear mash’ which is sure to induce you with its strong potion of brandy, pear eau de vie, cinnamon liquor and a hint of pear juice.
Oh and you cannot leave without doing the ‘Lab Test’ where you get six test tubes filled with fuzzy liquid served on a typical wooden rack. This could very well have come from a local chemistry lab but you know it’s a bartending specialty when you’ve consumed the contents and have not turned into Frankenstein!

The martinis are another story. Methinks they mix a little bit of veritaserum. One sip of the potent stuff and you’ll be singing yourself to sleep. Be careful who you go with, or you will be revealing more than you would like to!
Please call and reserve in advance. The place houses a max of 40 people at a time.
Note: Do not wear a suit when you come-a-visiting. You will be denied entry. [What were you even thinking trying to look all prim-n-propaah! It’s Boho-land, for crying out loud!]

2. Treadle along to Tailor Lounge, New York City, NY, USA
In Soho’s very own backyard we have an alcove where esoteric appetizers and exotic concoctions do more than just tickle the taste buds.

Most of what you sample here will present convention and then defy it almost instantaneously. You’re bound to scan through the menu, notice the unusual mixes and almost deny how much you really like it because you never thought those ingredients could mix this well!

You’re not alone. It’s happened to most of us! How else does one react when you see an offering of bourbon shots dipped with a halo of tobacco or cedar wood? Ever thought of creating an exotic drink with your salad ingredients? Not all of us can boast about making a perfect Paprika Punch, but you’ve got to try the one served by the expert mixologists here who make them out of fresh red bell peppers, lemon and a good portion of rum. Wish to order dessert or drinks? If you’d like to club them together, you must try the sinfully sour absinthe gummi bears that will get you giggling for a longer time than the usual sugar rush.
This is one palatable exploration that you will not forget in a hurry.


3. Brain dead at Bar 210, Los Angeles, CA, USA
A lounge where the servers are fiery, the drinks are fiendish and the setting is absolutely diabolical. With coquette cocktails on the menu, this place has made concepts like ‘molecular gastronomy’ more popular and colloquial.

Some of the weirdest little treats include the Tuna Tartare Cornets which is a curious mish mash of avocado, banana and coconut milk powder in a waffle cone.

But the absolute must-try here is the ‘Liquid Nitrogen’ cocktail, more notoriously known as the brain-freeze, which will do its job with one part tomato water, one part Absolut Peppar and one part brilliance that cannot be replicated at home!

4. I scream for alcohol at Zeta Bar, Sydney, Australia
Using molecular manipulation of food, the experts at this lounge have taken cryogenics and dry ice to a whole other level by bringing The Cryogenic Sorbet and Cocktail Bar in this chic nightspot.

From mojito sorbets scooped on a cone to iced margaritas on a punnet, from liquid nitrogen ‘nitro puff’ platters to blocks of champagne ice; these delectable servings and sure to leave you numb with delight!

5. Lap it up in one lick at the Kopi Bar, Bandar Utama, Malaysia
Don’t be fooled by the fun rice sprinkles on your dessert. Even though it may look like every child’s meal ending delight, it’s actually meant only for those who can legally enter a bar.
It’s another cold treat with a twist with the super yummy range of alcoholic gelatos (now if you’re an ice cream connoisseur, you’ll know that ice cream and Italian gelatos are significantly different).

You have got to try the Beer gelato which is is rich and creamy to look at, with a strong flavor of Carlsberg and a subtle bitter aftertaste. If you’re a beer lover, this you shouldn’t miss!
The other must-have is the Jamaican Rum and Raisin gelato which comes with rum-soaked raisins dipped in an evenly creamed rum base.

Whether you like things shaken, stirred or on the rocks, finding new ways to guzzle down your favorite alcohol can instantly bring you back to that festive ‘spirit.’

‘Tis the time for some more partying. Drink on!

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